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Energy and Environmental

Unlocking Green Energy Sustainable Development
The GENFUEL Laboratory of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is led by Prof. Wei-Hsin Chen. The GENFUEL is dedicated to addressing Taiwan's growing environmental and energy challenges. Bioenergy, hydrogen energy, clean energy, and energy systems are four major areas in GENFUEL, actively working towards achieving net-zero sustainability, carbon neutrality, and carbon negativity goals.
The Green Revolution: Sustainable Development of Biochar Masterbatch
Biochar masterbatch (BM) is known for its ability to store carbon dioxide (CO2) in plastics, which has excellent tensile and flexural strength. BM can be applied in thermoplastic plastic components used in various industrial applications, serving as an alternative to carbon black in the plastic industry. It is estimated that for every ton of biochar masterbatch produced, more than 70 kgs of CO2 emissions can be effectively mitigated from the atmosphere.
Innovative Approaches to Wastewater Challenges: Microalgae's Success in Livestock and Industrial Sectors

The microalgae team started with livestock wastewater, overcoming funding challenges. Collaborating with eco-friendly industries showcased microalgae's success in treating both livestock and industrial wastewater, emphasizing its wide applications in diverse wastewater treatment.

Materials Technology

Far-infrared ceramic powder

Dr. Shin-Ku Lee and the NCKU Research Center for Energy Technology and Strategy (RCETS) have successfully overcome numerous obstacles and effectively transformed steelmaking byproducts into far-infrared ceramic powders and other innovative materials.